Student Visa New Zealand

Coming to New Zealand to study for a course lasting longer than three months? You will probably need to apply for a Student Visa. Find out about visas and permits and whether you need one.

Taking one course only, for less than three months? You can apply for a Visitorís Visa.

Can I work in New Zealand?

Students may work in New Zealand.

Once you arrive in New Zealand on a Student Visa
The New Zealand Department of Immigration will issue you a Student Permit. The Student Permit gives you permission to stay in New Zealand temporarily to study. It states the date your permit will expire, the institution at which you are permitted to study and any other conditions of your permit.

If you havenít already checked whether you would qualify for a Student Visa, do a quick check of the minimum criteria now.  

Requirements for students
There are a number of general requirements you need to meet before you get here and others you must meet during your stay.  To be eligible to come to New Zealand as a student your course must meet the New Zealand requirements for international students.

Requirements - course & education provider
The most important requirement is that you have an offer of a place from a New Zealand education provider such as a school, polytechnic or university.

Study programmes offered to international students must meet specific course requirements.

If Iím joining my family temporarily can I study in New Zealand?
New Zealand can provide for partners and dependent children of New Zealand citizens or residents and holders of work Permits who wish to study here.

Find out if you need a visa or permit to study in New Zealand, as not everyone does.




Student Visa New Zealand